What Happened to FaZe Rug’s Dog Bosley? Did FaZe Rug’s Dog Die?

Having started in 2012, Faze Rug, also known as Brian Rafat Awadis, has amassed 24.6 million subscribers, making him one of the most successful and well-known YouTubers worldwide.

Even though the creator produced a ton of content in the form of vlogs, pranks, and reactions, he regularly featured his dog on camera, which a lot of his subscribers loved. But apparently, Bosley, his dog, passed away not too long ago.


What then became of Bosley? In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Faze Rug and his family revealed that their cherished pug, Bosley, had passed away due to heart failure. It seems that even though the dog had received treatment beforehand, everything happened very quickly.

Even though the dog had received treatment beforehand, everything happened so quickly.

What Exactly Became of Bosley, Rug’s Dog Faze Rug?

Bosley has nearly always been associated with Faze Rug; while it wasn’t featured in every video, it did show up accidentally in a few, and fans really enjoyed that.


But the cherished dog recently passed away from heart failure, and Faze Rug detailed the entire ordeal in a family YouTube video. As he stated,


“Bosley has passed away. The worst part is it happened so suddenly. I was in Vegas and had some weird feelings, so I called Dad, and he told me that Bosley didn’t look good. He told me he would take him to the vet, but while boarding an earlier flight, I received his call, and he said Bosley passed.” 


Faze Rug also posted on Instagram about how he felt after losing his beloved dog. Here’s what his post states:

“Can’t believe I’m typing this, but rest in peace to Bosley. You brought joy to every single human you encountered. I loved you like there was no tomorrow. I wish you were still here, and I wish I could hold you one last time to tell you how much I loved you. All my supporters I’d meet would ask about you. I hope you knew how much you were loved by EVERYONE. Can’t wait to meet again, and I hope you’re eating a ton of steak & chicken up there ❤️🐾


His pug apparently hadn’t been well for a few months, but after receiving treatment, everything appeared to be going well until he unexpectedly suffered from heart failure and passed away.

Dogs can, at most, live 1.5–2 years after suffering heart failure; Faze Rug hasn’t disclosed any additional information, but what was disclosed was sufficient to obtain a clear picture.

What Was the Reaction to Bosley’s Death?

When they were both very young, Rug introduced Bosley to him almost ten years ago. Even though they haven’t met the dog personally, those who have followed him since would undoubtedly have a strong bond with it.

Fans expressed their grief on social media after he revealed Bosley’s passing, saying that the dog had become something of a legend and that it broke their heart to see it go. Here are some noteworthy responses:


“Very sorry to learn of this development! He was and always will be King Bosley, so you and your family treated him like a king. Godspeed, RIP!







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