Who Is Rachel Birney? Why Is Rachel Tearing Down Posters of Kidnapped Israelis?

Protests against the Israel-Palestine conflict have been observed worldwide. Many people around the world have shown their disapproval of the war through thousands-strong marches, vigils, and other actions.

It is universally acknowledged that innocent people on both sides of the fight shouldn’t have to risk their lives, be taken hostage, or have their lives uprooted. Nonetheless, some people frequently exhibit bias towards a single party in their activities.

Trigger Warning: There are antisemitic remarks in the following article. We recommend the reader use caution.


Allegedly, Rachel Birney destroyed the posters depicting Israelis abducted on her campus. Many wondered who she was after seeing her activities. And why is she acting in such a callous way?

Who Is Rachel Birney?

Rachel Birney is a Physics TA and Ph.D. student at the School of Natural Science & Mathematics (USC). On November 10, 2023, she was filmed allegedly tearing down the posters of missing Israeli citizens. She is also the daughter of Angela Birney, the Mayor of Redmond, Washington. USC is investigating the incident.

Teaching assistant (TA) in Physics Rachel Birney works at the University of South California (USC). At the School of Natural Science & Mathematics, she is also working for a PhD.

According to @Onyeka_Marco on Twitter and X, she teaches every Tuesday from 2 to 4:50 p.m. at the USC campus.

Furthermore disclosed is the fact that Birney is a native of Redmond, Washington, and the daughter of the city’s mayor, Angela Birney. She is recommended by the Progressive Voters Guide.

Currently, there’s no mention of her on her mother’s Instagram page, @electangelabirney. Also, the account has been made private at the time of this writing. Rachel’s Instagram account wasn’t available on the platform as well.

Apart from this, Birney is also a former soccer/ football player at Connecticut’s Wesleyan College.

What Did Rachel Birney Do? 

A video purportedly showing Rachel Birney removing missing Israeli citizen posters from a bulletin board went viral on November 10. A man can be heard in the 22-second video asking Birney why she is removing the posters.

Rachel responds by grinning at the camera, removing more posters that include details and images of the individuals who are missing, and then laughing. She makes an indiscernible statement to the camera. There is only the word “genocide” audible.

“That’s not funny; they are kidnapped individuals,” the man continues. But she ignores him completely. She walks away with the posters in her hand after gathering the most of them.


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