Why Did Eren Do the Rumbling? What Was Eren’s Goal with the Rumbling?

The anime series Attack on Titan has finally concluded. However, the manga by Hajime Isayama had previously disclosed to everyone what would happen long before the anime did:

Eren was killed by Mikasa when he started the Rumbling.

However, viewers and readers continue to question Eren’s intentions in bringing about the calamity known as the Rumbling. Why, therefore, did he do it?


There are Attack on Titan spoilers in this article.

Eren started the Rumbling because he was fed up with his people, the Eldians, being despised for the atrocities his forefathers had done against the Marley people. With the exception of Paradis, he wished to destroy the entire planet in order to remove all opposition to them.

Why Did Eren Start the Rumbling?

Eren was a freedom warrior when he first came to us. However, he turned into the antagonist who needed to be stopped by the time Attack on Titan concluded. Ultimately, it was he who initiated the Rumbling.

The 145th King Karl Fritz created the Rumbling hundreds of years ago. It was designed to serve as a backup plan in case the outside world decided to attack Paradis.

He thus gave Marley a warning: if they didn’t leave the Eldians alone, he would unleash hell on them with a thousand titans that would destroy everything under their feet.

But he never really meant to start the Rumbling. In fact, he thought the Eldians would deserve an attack from the Marley people because of their oppression and atrocities against them.

Fritz believed the answer lay in enclosing the Eldians in walls manned by Titans. In addition, he thought that if everyone’s memories were erased, their understanding of the world outside their boundaries as well as their terrible past of oppression would be lost.

so maintaining peace. Furthermore, the message and the history of maintaining peace were carried down through the generations because only Fritz’s descendants could manage the Founding Titan.
The threat was successful, and until Eren started the Rumbling, the people of Paradis were left in peace.

Eren thought it was unjust that the Eldians, his people, were still being punished for the transgressions of their forefathers. He wished for them to be free from such stigma and hatred. He believed that the only way to accomplish it was to eradicate those who solely used their violent past to define Eldians.


Eren’s main objective was to see Paradis and Eldians free.

However, how did Eren manage the Titan of Founding? It was because he was in close contact with Zeke, his half-brother, who was descended from the original Fritz line through Diana Fritz as his mother.

Many wanted Eren to start the Rumbling after he touched his half-brother Zeke and gained control of the Founding Titan. Let the Eldians finally catch up with the outside world, after all.
Eren never accepted Zeke’s theory and didn’t think any issues could be resolved by a partial Rumbling. He believed that eliminating everyone on Earth outside of Paradis was the only way to bring about peace.


To do this, unleashing the Rumbling in its totality was a necessity. In the ideal aftermath for Eren, only the Eldians would remain in the world, and there would be peace since there would be no one to fight with. Eren’s friends and enemies came together to stop the Rumbling and prevent him from causing total devastation to the world.

In the end, Mikasa killed him. Zeke, on the other hand, believed that the Rumbling should be used to kill their people. He thought it was what they deserved for their past crimes.







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