Is Hyunjin Leaving Stray Kids in 2025?

Hyunjin, a prominent member of the K-pop boy group Stray Kids managed by JYP Entertainment, has been the subject of speculation regarding his departure from the group. Despite facing challenges related to bullying accusations, there is no official announcement or indication that Hyunjin is leaving Stray Kids permanently.

In fact, he remains an active member of the group with no plans to depart

Is Hyunjin Going to Quit SKZ 2025?

No, he was placed on temporary leave by Stray Kids; nonetheless, the management company of the group has stated that Hyunjin will never join another group.


Nevertheless, he persevered despite the hurt caused by the accusations of bullying, and in spite of everything, he is committed to improving himself.

As soon as he understood the gravity of his behavior, he became aware of its consequences and proactively changed his dishonest behavior.

Roland took a four-month break from work to reflect on and grow from his mistakes as he worked on his self-discovery. The explanation is straightforward: he could only become a better person through coaching.


Hyunjin’s Role and Contributions

Hyunjin, known for his exceptional skills in dancing and rapping, plays a vital role as the visual of Stray Kids, captivating audiences with his stage presence and talent.



His diverse abilities and charming personality have contributed significantly to the group’s success within the competitive realm of K-pop.

Recent Events and Fan Support

In response to recent events surrounding Hyunjin, fans have shown their support by sending a protest truck to JYP Entertainment’s building, urging for better treatment and protection of the artist.

This man is obstinately trying to win back people’s trust and show improvement ever since he returned to his position because he saw a lack of performance.

Previously, his commitment to the advancement was evident in both his words and deeds.

When the facts were first made public, the members of “JYP Entertainment,” the management company for Stray Kids, also looked into the matter internally in an effort to crack the case.

JYP also conducted interviews with Hyunjin’s previous instructors and classmates, raising concerns about their right to remain anonymous.

In a statement, the management company said:

Pursuant to the quote, a lot of the people JYP talked to described the same incident in a completely different way asking the authorities to investigate further and not to spread fake information. They wrote:

“We plead to everyone to not share any false rumors and typify things that are not real, We would be more attentive when picking our trainers and artists in the future.”

The messages on the truck emphasize fair treatment for all artists and specific support for Hyunjin, highlighting concerns about mistreatment and calling for action against rumors circulating about him

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