Cycling Davido, fan Emmi Wuks arrives Lagos, gets heroic welcome

In an awe-inspiring display of dedication and fandom, Emmanuel Myam, also known by his alias Emmiwuks, embarked on an extraordinary journey from Benue State to Lagos with a singular mission: to meet his music idol, Davido. Emmi Wuks’ determined bicycle journey, covering an impressive distance, recently culminated in a heartwarming reception by the Tiv community in Lagos on August 18, 2023.

An Unprecedented Undertaking

Emmi Wuks’ feat stands as a remarkable testament to the unwavering passion that fans can have for their favorite celebrities. Setting off from Benue State, he embarked on a solo bicycle journey, traversing varying landscapes and weather conditions, all driven by his ardent desire to meet the renowned Nigerian musician Davido.

Triumph at the Destination

After days of relentless pedaling, Emmi Wuks’ bicycle trek brought him to Lagos, his chosen destination. On the momentous day of August 18, 2023, the Tiv community in Lagos extended a warm and enthusiastic welcome to him. The warm reception underscored the shared joy and camaraderie that the love for music can cultivate among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

A Public Announcement

The news of Emmi Wuks’ accomplishment was heralded by Olikita Ekani, a former media assistant to Samuel Ortom, the outgoing governor of Benue State. On his Facebook page, Ekani conveyed the heartening news, sharing the tale of the dedicated fan’s journey and arrival in Lagos.

Ekani wrote:

“Emmi Wuks, fast-rising celebrity, bicycle rider, and ardent supporter of Nigerian music superstar Davido has finally arrived in Lagos.

“He was welcomed by Mdzough U Tiv Lagos State members and Benue Chubby Queen Miss Kpadoo Upev.

“Congratulations and best wishes to him!”

Davido’s Gesture

The captivating saga drew the attention of none other than the music sensation Davido himself. Upon learning of the fan’s remarkable effort to meet him, Davido expressed his admiration and gratitude in a unique manner. He initially advised Emmi Wuks to “turn around” due to his unavailability in the nation at the time.

Undeterred, Emmi Wuks persisted in his journey, determined to fulfill his dream. Acknowledging this unyielding commitment, Davido requested the fan’s account number and promised a meeting once he returned. This heartfelt gesture exemplifies the reciprocal relationship that can exist between celebrities and their devoted fans.

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