‘Emilokan’ can’t win elections in Edo – Obaseki dares Tinubu, Shaibu

Governor Godwin Obaseki’s resolute stance against the ‘Emilokan’ slogan marks a significant shift in the political landscape of Edo State.

This departure from a catchphrase that once gained prominence during President Bola Tinubu’s campaign reflects Obaseki’s commitment to shaping a distinct electoral narrative tailored to the needs and sentiments of Edo’s populace.

‘Emilokan’ Slogan: An Unsuccessful Attempt to Resonate

The ‘Emilokan’ catchphrase, though prominent in President Bola Tinubu’s campaign, failed to strike a chord with the people of Edo State, according to Governor Obaseki.

In clear terms, he stated, “Edo people will not accept ‘Emilokan’ as a strategy in government as they are not known for that. For us, it is the people that will decide.” This rejection underscores the importance of aligning political messages with the local culture and values of the populace.

Emphasizing Local Sentiments and Preferences

Governor Obaseki’s dismissal of the ‘Emilokan’ slogan underscores his acknowledgment of the significance of local sentiments and preferences in shaping political discourse. His statement highlights the need for a strategy that resonates with Edo’s unique identity and heritage, reinforcing the importance of a grassroots connection.

Governor Obaseki’s Address: Timing and Unity in Governance

Beyond his critique of the slogan, Governor Obaseki emphasized the critical aspects of timing and unity in governance. He cautioned against actions that could destabilize the government machinery and advocated for prudence in political activities. His words carried a message of responsibility, urging individuals to refrain from undermining the stability of the administration.

“The timetable for the election is not out. You can’t be part of a government and also be the one to destabilize the same government,” stated Governor Obaseki, emphasizing the need for a cohesive and responsible approach to governance.

Navigating Political Aspirations and Administrative Cohesion

In a subtle reference to recent events, Governor Obaseki offered advice to those with political aspirations. He stressed the importance of respect for administrative cohesion and unity, suggesting that collective achievements should take precedence over individual ambitions. He reinforced the idea of a unified approach, emphasizing the continuity of a joint effort.

While Governor Obaseki refrained from mentioning specific names, his remarks resonated with the ongoing legal dispute involving his deputy, Philip Shaibu.

This legal tussle emerged after allegations of manipulation of youth council elections to further personal gubernatorial ambitions. The governor’s message served as a reminder of the need for lawful pursuits and the maintenance of a harmonious administrative structure.

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