The Pass Movie 2023 Todd Tucker Release Date and Cast

August 27, 2023, marks not only a date but a milestone in Todd Tucker’s diverse career. The release of “The Pass,” his first film collaboration with wife Kandi Burruss, opens a new chapter for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. Let’s delve into the anticipation, the journey, and the stellar cast that brings this captivating story to life.

The Pass Movie 2023 Release Date

1. Collaboration and Career Shift

Todd Tucker, renowned for his ventures in entertainment and hospitality, is now adding “filmmaker” to his impressive resume. “The Pass” marks his inaugural cinematic endeavor, a collaboration with his wife Kandi Burruss, producer and fellow RHOA star.

2. A Peek into Season 15

As RHOA Season 15 unfolds, viewers get an insider’s look at Tucker’s journey from reality TV to the film industry. The dynamic duo takes on roles as producers, steering the narrative of their upcoming film, “The Pass.”

3. Premise of “The Pass”

The film navigates the intriguing concept of couples granting each other a “hall pass,” exploring extramarital relationships within the bounds of their marital vows. This fictionalized narrative promises drama, emotions, and an exploration of human relationships.

Behind the Scenes

4. Release Date and Platform

“The Pass” is set to hit screens on August 27, 2023, with a streaming release on the Peacock platform. The entire cast and crew celebrated the wrap-up with a lively party, a sneak peek of which was shared by lead actress Erica Peeples on Instagram.

5. Funding and Premiere

Tucker and Burruss funded the entire project, showcasing their commitment to bringing their vision to life. The film had its premiere screening on January 29, 2023, with Tucker expressing gratitude to his wife and the cast and crew for making his vision a reality.

6. RHOA Synchronization

While initially anticipated to debut around the same time as RHOA Season 15, synchronization faltered with the reality series premiering on May 7, 2023. Plans to air the movie alongside the Real Housewives series were halted, possibly due to ongoing industry strikes causing additional delays.

Meet the Cast

7. Drew Sidora as the Lead

Drew Sidora takes on the lead role, bringing depth and challenge to her portrayal of a wife exploring a sensual experience. Fans anticipate juicy revelations about the film in RHOA Season 15, where Sidora is a prominent cast member.

8. Robert Christopher Riley

Robert Christopher Riley, known for his roles in Hit the Floor and Dynasty, contributes his talent to “The Pass.” His diverse acting background brings a unique dimension to the film.

9. Erica Peeples

Erica Peeples, an actress, poet, and producer, takes on a significant role in the film. With a background from Julliard and a breakout role in “True to the Game,” Peeples adds her artistic prowess to the ensemble.

10. Additional Cast Members

The cast includes notable names such as Deetta West, Charmin Lee, Al Meadows, and Monyetta Shaw-Carter, enriching the narrative with their performances.

Trailer and News

11. Trailer Anticipation

As of now, the trailer for “The Pass” remains pending release, heightening the excitement among fans. The production team has kept sneak peeks and trailers under wraps, adding to the anticipation surrounding this highly awaited film.

12. Behind-the-Scenes Insights

RHOA Season 15 provides fans with a unique behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The Pass.” Episode 15 reveals that the couple transformed their Atlanta home into a movie set, saving a substantial sum on location fees.

13. Updates from Todd Tucker

Recent updates from Todd Tucker on August 9 showcase the final touches being put on the film. As fans eagerly await more details, Tucker’s Instagram offers glimpses into the refining process.


“The Pass” not only signifies Todd Tucker’s entry into the film industry but also represents the creative synergy with his wife Kandi Burruss. As the release date approaches, fans are poised for an emotional rollercoaster exploring the complexities of relationships in this much-anticipated cinematic journey.

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