APPLY: 2023/2024 SEIFAC Loan Grant Application Form

In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian agriculture, small-scale farmers play a crucial role. For those seeking avenues to enhance their agricultural ventures, SEIFAC (Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative) stands as a beacon of support. In this article, we delve into the latest news about SEIFAC, with a particular focus on the 2023/2024 SEIFAC Loan Grant Application.

Understanding SEIFAC

SEIFAC, an acronym for Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative, is an organization founded by small-scale farmers in Nigeria. Its primary objective is to provide support and assistance to fellow small-scale farmers, fostering a sense of community and shared growth. Notably, SEIFAC has been instrumental in implementing the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme, a flagship initiative designed to empower farmers across the nation.

SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme 2022/2023

The ongoing SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme for the year 2022/2023 is actively contributing to the agricultural landscape. This program adopts a unique model known as Agricultural Production Clusters (Agro-PCs), where smallholder farmers collectively address challenges faced in individual small-scale farming. It’s a collaborative approach aimed at maximizing efficiency and overcoming hurdles.

SEIFAC Loan Grant Application Process

For those eyeing participation in the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme, understanding the application process is key:

Step 1: Profile Creation

  • Eligibility: Individuals aged 18 and above.
  • Membership Benefits: Access to various SEIFAC programs, including the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrower Program.
  • Goal: Treating agriculture as a business.
  • Portal: SEIFAC Portal

Step 2: Registration

  • Eligibility: Individuals aged 18 and above interested in Agro-PC.
  • Process: Register by providing personal information.

Step 3: Application

Step 4: Project Account

  • Requirement: Open a SEIFAC Project Account with designated banks.
  • Details: Provided through email and on SEIFAC’s website.

Registration for SEIFAC Loan Application Updates

To stay abreast of the latest updates on SEIFAC Loan Grant Applications, interested individuals can register their email with SEIFAC. This ensures timely and relevant information throughout the application process.

SEIFAC Terms and Conditions

Before embarking on the SEIFAC loan application journey, it’s essential to grasp the terms and conditions associated:

  1. SEIFAC Project Account: Creation at designated banks is mandatory.
  2. Participation in Agro-PC: A prerequisite for loan eligibility.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Provided for the allocated farmland.
  4. Loan Type: SEIFAC/CBN ABP Single Number Interest Rate Loan (SDI) is specific.
  5. Production Oversight: SEIFAC and Agro-PC monitor activities from land preparation to harvest.
  6. Activity Transparency: Participants should monitor activities on allocated land.
  7. Equipment Usage: Agricultural equipment must be used within the Agro-PC branch.
  8. Harvest Restrictions: Ownership and harvest of produce are not allowed until the loan is repaid.
  9. Fees: Annual fees for Agro-PC and one-time fees for registration.
  10. SEIFAC Microfinance Bank: Participants must maintain an account.


In conclusion, if you’re a small-scale farmer in Nigeria with aspirations of thriving in agriculture, SEIFAC’s initiatives, especially the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme, offer promising opportunities. Stay tuned for updates on the application process, and remember, SEIFAC continues to be a catalyst for smallholder farmers, contributing to the nation’s agricultural growth.


  1. What is SEIFAC?
    • SEIFAC stands for Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative, an organization supporting small-scale farmers in Nigeria.
  2. What is the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme?
    • It’s an initiative to empower farmers using the Agricultural Production Cluster (Agro-PC) model.
  3. How can I apply for the SEIFAC/CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme?
    • Create a profile on the SEIFAC portal, register, and apply for the program for the specific cropping season.
  4. What are the key terms and conditions for SEIFAC loan applicants?
    • Conditions include creating a SEIFAC project account, participating in Agro-PC, insurance coverage, specific loan type, oversight of production activities, and various fees.
  5. Why is SEIFAC essential for small-scale farmers in Nigeria?
    • SEIFAC provides crucial support, community, and opportunities for small-scale farmers to thrive and contribute to the nation’s agricultural growth.

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