Latest NPower News for Today Monday 20th September 2023

In today’s Latest Npower News for Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, the Npower beneficiaries have raised their voices, calling on the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu, and the newly appointed CEO of NSIPA (National Social Investment Programmes Agency), Mrs. Delu Bulus Yakubu, to address the issue of their unpaid N-Power stipends, which have been pending for eight long months.

The plea from the beneficiaries goes beyond their own needs; it extends to their families as well. In a poignant display of their frustration, a heartwrenching image of a young girl holding a placard with the words “Dr. Betta Edu, please pay our father” has gone viral on social media platforms.

A New Leader for NSIPA

In a significant development, President Bola Tinubu has appointed Mrs. Delu Bulus Yakubu as the pioneer National Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Social Investment Programmes Agency (NSIPA). She will be overseeing the affairs of the NSIP Programmes, including the Npower initiative.

Npower Self-Service Portal Update

Good news for Npower beneficiaries struggling with the self-service portal: it is now fully operational. Beneficiaries encountering difficulties in validating their accounts can now do so, as the validation link has been restored to working order.

Patience Amidst Restructuring

At this juncture, Npower beneficiaries are advised to exercise patience as the Ministry undertakes a comprehensive overhaul of the programmes falling under NSIP, including Npower. This restructuring may lead to adjustments in payment, potentially affecting more individuals who can benefit from these programs. The review could see payment amounts being recalibrated to accommodate a broader demographic.

Nexit Opportunity Update

Regarding the Nexit Opportunity, there are rumblings of upcoming announcements. It is rumored that new information will soon be disseminated, including the possibility that even those who did not undergo the training will be invited to submit their business plans. This could entail seeking assistance from companies that have provided training to untrained individuals, enabling them to obtain certificates and submit business plans.


In conclusion, the Npower community continues to grapple with the persistent issue of unpaid stipends, and their call for action has reached the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and the new CEO of NSIPA. The appoint ment of Mrs. Delu Bulus Yakubu as NSIPA’s leader holds promise for the future of the NSIP Programmes, including Npower.

With the self-service portal now operational, beneficiaries can validate their accounts, although patience is advised as the Ministry embarks on a restructuring journey. As for Nexit, anticipation is building as rumors suggest the possibility of broader participation in this initiative. The coming days may bring further clarity and resolution to these matters.

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