Latest News on FG N25,000 Cash Transfer Disbursement Today 5th January 2024

The latest news on the Federal Government’s N25,000 cash transfer disbursement as of January 5th, 2024, includes the following key updates:

  1. Disbursement Details:
    • In the second phase of the cash transfer program, 102,650 residents of Edo State are set to receive N25,000 each
    • Previously, the Federal Government had disbursed N25,000 each to 3.5 million Nigerians under the conditional cash transfer scheme
    • However, as of December 2023, only 1.5 million out of 15 million households had received the cash transfer
  2. Program Objectives:
    • The cash transfer program aims to provide support to households living in extreme poverty, with the goal of improving their welfare and reducing vulnerability
    • The government is collaborating with the World Bank and other development partners for the successful implementation of the program
  3. Challenges and Considerations:
    • One of the major challenges facing the program is the identification of beneficiaries, as some deserving households may be left out while non-poor households are included
    • There are concerns about the exclusion of other struggling Nigerians who are not covered by the program
  4. Future Prospects:
    • The program is expected to continue providing cash transfers to eligible households, and the government aims to address the challenges in beneficiary identification

In a significant development for Edo State, the second phase of the Federal Government’s Renewed Hope Cash Transfer (RHCT) program is set to benefit 102,650 individuals across 1,969 communities in all 18 local government areas. The initiative, announced by Ms. Yuwa Aladeselu, the General Manager of the Social Investment Programme (SIP) in the state, is implemented under the National Social Safety Nets Project Scale-Up (NASSP-SU) and aims to provide crucial support to the poor and vulnerable.

Ms. Aladeselu highlighted Governor Godwin Obaseki’s commitment to impactful intervention programs, emphasizing the success of the first phase where over 12,108 beneficiaries were enrolled and paid in 2022. Edo State’s social register includes approximately 314,000 households, including those with disabilities, out of a total of 1.6 million individuals.

In summary, the latest news on the FG’s N25,000 cash transfer disbursement reflects ongoing efforts to support vulnerable households, while also highlighting the need to address implementation challenges and consider the broader impact on the population.

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