Who Is Brendan Anthony Martin? Why Did He Threaten the Republican Poll Greeter in Arlington?

Now is the ideal time to see how multicolored America really is. From insane arguments to powerful leaders disparaging one another, the political circusI mean, it’s obvious the circuit is split into two ideas.

There are arguments between Republicans and Democrats everywhere you look—in the workplace, on the streets, and at social gatherings.


Let’s go back to 2018 for a moment.

The right-wing approval rating of then-President Donald Trump had peaked, and he was continuing his forceful, yet passive-aggressive behavior. A “Celebration of America” honoring the nation’s favorite Super Bowl game was planned by Mr. Trump. He declined to invite the Philadelphia Eagles, meanwhile, claiming that their decision to choose not to stand for the playing of the national anthem was insulting.

Trump has disagreements with the Eagles’ owner, Jeffrey Lurie, who constantly criticized the ex-president. Since 2016, Black NFL players have been “taking the knee” as a protest for racial inequality and police brutality. That was probably one of the reasons he did not invite the Eagles to the 2018 gathering.

But one man was not having it. He heckled the former president during his speech, saying–

“Stop hiding behind the armed services and the National Anthem…Let’s hear it for the Eagles.”


Five years later, the same man is back at it again.

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, an Arlington Liberal heckled a poll greeter in Virginia on Election day. The raging man approached the Republican poll staff, saying– 

“You guys [Republicans] tried to overturn the election, you might as well have been walking up to my head on the way to the polling station and putting a gun to my head, and trying to tell me not to vote.”

The man was identified as Brendan Anthony Martin, who is also a federal contractor and was appointed as the technical administrator for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) foster care system. 

Martin was the same man who interrupted Trump’s speech in 2018.


What is known about Martin, Brendan Anthony?

After using facial recognition software to analyse the images from the viral film, Marco Polo, dubbed “The Opposition Research Group for the American People,” concluded that Brendan Anthony Martin was the individual who had approached the poll greeter with aggression.

Martin is listed as being in a position of power and overseeing the foster care system on his LinkedIn profile. More specifically, he works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as the technical administrator.


Some reports also confirm that Martin is a long-time federal contractor. The Arlington native is a Liberal and often opposed Trump’s policies.

Why Did a Liberal in Arlington Threaten the Republican Poll Greeter?

Matthew Hurtt works for the Leadership Institute as the director of professional services and as a pollster. He was given the job of Republican poll greeter in Arlington, Virginia, on November 7.

He was confronted by a deranged man who began insulting him while he was performing his duty of giving out Republican Sample Ballots to voters outside of polling station N.

The man, now identified as Breandan Anthony Martin, approached him aggressively, saying–

“You guys [Republicans] tried to overturn the election; you might as well have been walking up to my head on the way to the polling station and putting a gun to my head and trying to tell me not to vote.”

Hurtt immediately whipped out his phone to record this man. A few moments later, Martin threatened the poll greeter, saying–

“You try to steal my vote next year; I’m going to f*cking remember you personally.”

What is your take on this case? Do you agree that the Liberal was violating the right to choose by threatening the opposition?

Should Martin be removed from his position? Let us know in the comments section below.




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