All About Abby Asistio Parents and Family Ethnicity

Abby Asistio: A Glimpse into Her Family and Ethnicity

Abby Asistio, a talented Filipino singer and songwriter, has captivated audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt performances.

Abby Asistio’s Parents

Abby Asistio, a talented Filipino singer and advocate, represents the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage.

Her heritage is clearly Filipino, as her ancestors are from the country. Abby was born into a family with strong cultural ties to the Philippines, so her identity is heavily influenced by her heritage.

Abby Asistio is the daughter of former Caloocan Mayor Macario “Boy” Asistio Jr. and former actress Veronica Jones.

Both Abby’s parents are from the Philippines, and their backgrounds reflect the diversity and complexity of Filipino society.

Abby Asistio’s father, Macario “Boy” Asistio Jr., was the mayor of Caloocan, a bustling city in Metro Manila known for its culture and vibrant community.


Let’s delve into her background and explore the fascinating aspects of her life:

  1. Her Roots and Heritage:
    • Abby Asistio hails from the Philippines, a country rich in cultural diversity and traditions.
    • Her ethnicity reflects the vibrant mix of Filipino and Spanish influences, which is common among many Filipinos.
  2. Family Ties:
    • Abby’s family has played a significant role in shaping her artistic journey.
    • While specific details about her parents are not readily available, it’s evident that they have been supportive of her career.
    • Abby’s close bond with her family members has been a source of strength and inspiration.
  3. Her Music Career:
    • Abby gained prominence through her soulful renditions and original compositions.
    • She has used her platform to raise awareness about alopecia, a condition she herself battles.
    • Her advocacy work has touched the hearts of many, emphasizing self-acceptance and empowerment.
  4. Alopecia Advocacy:
    • Abby Asistio’s personal struggle with alopecia—a condition causing hair loss—has fueled her passion for advocacy.
    • By sharing her story openly, she aims to break down stereotypes and promote understanding.
    • Abby encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and find beauty beyond physical appearance.

Mayor Asistio’s leadership aided the growth and progress of his hometown, leaving a lasting legacy of service and dedication.

Abby’s mother, Veronica Jones, brought a touch of glamour to the family lineage with her background as a former actress.

While her career took her to various stages and screens, Veronica’s heart was still rooted in her Filipino heritage, and she passed on traditions and values to her daughter.

Growing up in a household replete with echoes of Filipino culture, Abby Asistio developed a deep appreciation for her heritage.

From the flavors of traditional Filipino cuisine to the melodies of classic Filipino music, she was inspired by the diversity of her heritage.

Abby Asistio’s family is very important to her, as they helped shape her into the person she is now.

As one of her father’s five children, Abby has a strong bond with her siblings that is based on love, support, and shared experiences.

Abby Asistio’s siblings include Anna, Angelica, Arriane, and Macari. They are a close-knit family who have weathered life’s ups and downs together.

Through their shared upbringing, they have formed strong bonds and treasured memories, laying the groundwork for a foundation of love and solidarity that will see them through life’s challenges.

Abby’s father, former Caloocan City Mayor Macario “Boy” Asistio Jr., has passed away.


His death at the age of 80 brought an end to an era for the Asistio family, leaving a legacy of service, dedication, and love.

His contributions to the community and family will be remembered and celebrated indefinitely.

Mayor Asistio’s death was confirmed by his longtime partner, actress Nadia Montenegro, who posted the heartbreaking news on Instagram.

The loss of a beloved patriarch had a profound impact on the entire family, including Abby, her siblings, and their mother Veronica Jones.

Despite their loss, Abby and her siblings took comfort in honoring their father’s memory.


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