Vigil Season 2: Is It Renewed After Season 1?

In the realm of televised narratives, where intrigue meets artistry, Vigil stands as an epitome of riveting storytelling. Crafted under the visionary prowess of Tom Edge and orchestrated by World Productions, the acclaimed creators behind BBC’s masterpieces such as Bodyguard, Save Me, Line of Duty, and The Pembrokeshire Murders, Vigil has transcended the boundaries of ordinary police procedural dramas.

From its inception, Vigil was shrouded in high expectations, a sentiment not merely met but profoundly exceeded upon its debut. The inaugural season, akin to a magnet, drew an astounding viewership, captivating the hearts and minds of a staggering 13 million in its inaugural episode and steadfastly retaining an audience of 12.6 million throughout its compelling narrative.

As autumn’s embrace descends upon us, the anticipation for Vigil Season 2 reaches unparalleled heights. The BBC, in its enigmatic revelation, shares a glimpse into the sequel’s labyrinthine plot, promising an enthralling continuation of the saga.

Vigil Season 2: A Tapestry of Intrigue

Intriguingly, Vigil Season 2 delves deeper into the enigmatic world of DCI Amy Silva (portrayed by the talented Suranne Jones) and DS Kirsten Longacre (embodied by the inimitable Rose Leslie). Their resolute spirits are once again tested as they confront the aftermath of multiple deaths during a Scottish weapon test. The plot thickens as they navigate the perilous corridors of the air force, both in the Middle East and Scotland, unravelling the mysteries hidden within drone warfare.

The Stellar Ensemble: A Convergence of Talent

The stage is set for an impeccable ensemble cast to grace our screens once more. Suranne Jones, with her unparalleled finesse, reprises her role as DCI Amy Silva, her portrayal promising a depth that transcends the ordinary. Rose Leslie, embodying the essence of DS Kirsten Longacre, embarks on a new odyssey with infectious enthusiasm, infusing life into her character.


The tapestry of Vigil Season 2 further enriches with the presence of stalwarts like Gary Lewis, returning as DSI Robertson, and the arrival of luminaries Romola Garai and Dougray Scott. Romola Garai, celebrated for her roles in Becoming Elizabeth and The Hour, teases a character layered in complexity, a challenge she is eager to embrace.

Dougray Scott, renowned for his contributions to Crime and Enigma, anticipates collaborating with the maestros Tom Edge and Andy De Emmony, bringing his artistry to this compelling canvas.

Joining this illustrious lineup are talents such as Amir El-Masry, Tommy Sim’aan, David Elliot, Oscar Salem, Chris Jenks, Hiba Medina, and Jonathan Ajayi, promising a symphony of performances that will undoubtedly captivate our senses.

A Glimpse into the Future: Autumn Beckons

As the anticipation crescendos, the question that echoes in every viewer’s mind is the release date of Vigil Season 2. While the BBC, in its characteristic enigma, has not unveiled the exact date, the promise of autumn 2023 hangs tantalizingly in the air. Soon, the intricate threads of Vigil’s saga will weave another mesmerizing tale, drawing us once more into its alluring web, where every moment resonates with the profound essence of true artistry.

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