Traditional Marriage Photos, Video Of Moses Bliss And His Wife, Marie

In a harmonious blend of cultures, music, and love, Nigerian gospel artist Moses Bliss and his Ghanaian bride, Marie Wiseborn, embarked on a journey of forever. Their traditional wedding, held in Ghana, was a celebration that transcended borders and united hearts.

Let’s dive into the enchanting moments of their union—a captivating blend of sweet love and unparalleled beauty.




The Traditional Attire

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn stood resplendent in their traditional attire. The couple demonstrated their diverse ethnic origins by wearing both Ghanaian and Nigerian costumes.

Marie, elegant and radiant, donned three different outfits throughout the celebration, each reflecting her rich heritage. Moses Bliss, the groom, exuded confidence and joy, his Akwa Ibom outfit and fabric adding a touch of vibrancy to the occasion.

The Ceremony


The Underbridge in East Legon, Ghana, witnessed the union of two souls. Amidst the rhythmic beats of cultural music, family and friends gathered to witness the sacred vows. Marie’s family gifted the couple with a plaque—an expression of appreciation for the singer.

The guests, including actress Juliet Ibrahim, content creator Enioluwa Adeoluwa, OAP Layole Oyatogun, and comedians Real Warri Pikin and Josh2Funny, added to the joyous atmosphere.

Coordinated Dancing Moves

Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn wowed the guests with their coordinated dancing moves. Their love story unfolded on Instagram, where Marie tagged Moses Bliss in a video of her dancing to his popular song, “Miracle no Dey tire Jesus.”

Exactly one year after that serendipitous moment, they stood together, testament to divine orchestration. Their coordinated dance steps mirrored their shared journey—a fusion of passion, faith, and destiny.

A Love Orchestrated by God

In an interview, Moses Bliss shared how he met Marie. The singer, tagged in Marie’s video, recognized the hand of God in their connection. “There are some things only God can orchestrate,” he reflected. Their testimony serves as an encouragement to those believing for a similar love story.

May God divinely work out your testimony, just as He did for Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn.

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