Mohbad’s death: Tonto Dikeh lambasts Sam Larry for following her on Instagram

In a world where social media connects us with friends, colleagues, and even strangers, a simple “follow” on Instagram might seem harmless. However, in the case of actress and politician Tonto Dikeh, a recent Instagram follow has sparked outrage and a call for justice. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing story.

The Backstory

At the center of this controversy is Tonto Dikeh, a prominent figure in both the entertainment industry and Nigerian politics. Known for her advocacy for justice and her unwavering support for those in need, she recently found herself in a situation that demanded her attention.

Mohbad’s Tragic Death

The backdrop of this story is the tragic death of Ilerioluwa Aloba, widely known as Mohbad, a talented Nigerian rapper. Mohbad’s untimely demise sent shockwaves through Nigeria and beyond, leaving many questions unanswered.

Sam Larry’s Instagram Follow

Enter Sam Larry, a close associate of Naira Marley, a well-known Nigerian musician. Sam Larry’s decision to follow Tonto Dikeh on Instagram raised eyebrows and ignited a firestorm of controversy.

Tonto Dikeh’s Strong Stance

Tonto Dikeh, a staunch supporter of Mohbad and his grieving family, didn’t take Sam Larry’s Instagram follow lightly. She raised her voice in condemnation, alleging that Sam Larry had assaulted and harassed Mohbad before his tragic death.

In a powerful statement, she described Sam Larry as a “weakling” and criticized him for targeting a young artist. She questioned his motives and invited him to attend Mohbad’s candlelight event in Abuja.

Seeking Justice

Tonto Dikeh’s message is clear: she seeks justice for Mohbad and his family. She expressed confidence in Nigeria’s legal system to apprehend Sam Larry, regardless of his location. Her determination to hold those responsible for Mohbad’s suffering accountable shines through her words.

A Call for Reflection

In her statement, Dikeh urged Sam Larry to reflect on his actions. She invited him to confront the tragic reality of Mohbad’s untimely death at the ongoing candlelight event. Her message is a call to conscience and a reminder that actions have consequences.

The Road Ahead

As this story unfolds, Tonto Dikeh’s call for justice resonates with many who share her concerns. She promises to persist in seeking justice and vows that those responsible will not escape accountability.

In her concluding words, she leaves no room for doubt: “You are a disgrace. You are a threat to society, and you will surely be brought to justice. Enjoy hiding, but not for long!!!”

The road ahead is uncertain, but one thing is clear: Tonto Dikeh’s unwavering pursuit of justice will continue to make headlines and drive conversations.



  1. Who is Tonto Dikeh? Tonto Dikeh is a prominent Nigerian actress, singer, and politician known for her advocacy for justice and social causes.
  2. Who was Mohbad, and what happened to him? Mohbad, also known as Ilerioluwa Aloba, was a Nigerian rapper who tragically passed away. The circumstances surrounding his death are under investigation.
  3. Who is Sam Larry, and why is he in the spotlight? Sam Larry is a close associate of Nigerian musician Naira Marley. His recent Instagram follow of Tonto Dikeh has sparked controversy due to allegations of his involvement in Mohbad’s harassment.
  4. What does Tonto Dikeh hope to achieve by calling for justice? Tonto Dikeh seeks justice for Mohbad and his family, aiming to hold those responsible for Mohbad’s suffering accountable.
  5. How can justice be served in this case? Justice may involve a legal investigation and proceedings to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic death and any potential involvement of individuals.




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