Why Slikour’s wife wants court to quit marriage contract

Slikour, the hip-hop artist, is facing a potential legal challenge from his estranged wife regarding the validity of their antenuptial contract. Melissa Wilkinson, his estranged wife, reportedly expressed her intention to contest the antenuptial agreement they signed after the formalization of both their civil and customary marriage.

A close associate of the couple, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that Wilkinson was surprised to discover that she had signed the antenuptial contract documents provided by Slikour after their marriage had been registered.

Following their separation due to allegations of infidelity, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse leveled against Slikour by Wilkinson, she is considering seeking a court order to invalidate the antenuptial contract.

Sources suggest that Wilkinson did not read the contract before signing it, nor did she seek legal advice or fully comprehend its implications. Despite her reluctance to involve the court in their private affairs, Wilkinson has reportedly urged Slikour to address the issue amicably.

However, it seems that Slikour has not been cooperative in resolving the matter.


Additionally, there are claims that Wilkinson remains unclear about the situation as she and Slikour initially agreed to marry under customary law.

Wilkinson has pleaded with Slikour to find a solution to the matter because she does not want to air their dirty laundry in court. But, said the source, it appears the artist did not cooperate. The tipster also alleged Wilkinson still did not understand what actually happened because she and Slikour agreed to get married under the customary law.

After their agreement, said the source, Slikour’s family paid an undisclosed lobola for her in 2017. Wilkison, said the source, told them that in May of the same year, she and
Slikour entered into a customary marriage in Sandton and celebrated it in line with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Wilkinson said later in 2017, they entered into a civil union and signed papers that were apparently about the antenuptial contract. This suggested that their nuptials subsisted with the application of the accrual system.

However, Wilkson said that should not be the case because the marriage she entered into with Silkour was in community of property. Therefore, she said, she would want their joint estate to be dissolved when the court grants her a decree of divorce so they could share the residual of their joint estate.

Wilkson challenged the validity of the antenuptial contract, saying they did not agree before signing that the contract would be applicable to their union. She said shortly before the civil marriage, Slikour asked her to reveal the value of her estate, after which he asked her to sign a marriage contract.

“She said she did not even have time to look at the so-called ANC before putting pen to paper; she just signed because Slikour asked her to do so,” said a deep throat.

She said what also worried her was that the so-called antenuptial contract stated that the two were not married, even though they were. She said the alleged contract did not even mention how their joint estate should be shared when their matrimony fell apart, said the source.

“It is for this reason that she wants to go to court and ask it to declare the contract null and void because she did not even understand its implication.”

She said after declaring the antenuptial contract invalid, said the source, she would ask the court to recognise their in community of property marriage.

Slikour declined to comment.


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