Showmax and Multichoice Stand Firm: “Tracking Thabo Bester” Docu-Series

The riveting docu-series, “Tracking Thabo Bester,” has become a focal point of controversy, drawing attention from viewers, legal experts, and the public alike. Showmax and Multichoice, the broadcasting service and streaming platform, find themselves at the center of this storm.

In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the background, legal battles, and the ethical implications surrounding the airing of this gripping documentary.

The Story Unfolds

Thabo Bester, a name now etched into the nation’s consciousness, was no ordinary man. His escape and subsequent arrest, alongside his girlfriend, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, form the crux of this four-part docu-series. The intrigue lies not only in the events themselves but also in the legal wrangling that has ensued.

The Legal Tug-of-War

Bester and Magudumana have filed court documents in a desperate bid to halt the release of “Tracking Thabo Bester.” Their letters of demand reached Showmax and Multichoice, urging them to reconsider airing the series. But the broadcasting giants remain resolute. Why? Because this isn’t just any story—it’s a tale of alleged crime, betrayal, and public interest.

The Serious Allegations

The allegations against Bester and his co-accused are grave. The docu-series delves into their lives, their actions, and the consequences. Showmax believes that the public deserves to see this program and form their own opinions. They argue that responsible media platforms must allow viewers to engage with such content, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Ethical Reporting and Journalistic Integrity

Showmax emphasizes its commitment to journalistic integrity. The team behind “Tracking Thabo Bester” has meticulously adhered to ethical reporting standards. They’ve navigated the treacherous waters of storytelling, ensuring accuracy without sensationalism. As viewers, we’re invited to witness the truth—raw and unfiltered.

The Accused Speak Out

Bester, in his legal response, denies granting any rights for a documentary or film about his life. Magudumana, on the other hand, seeks access to the series to safeguard her rights. The tension between their rights and the public’s right to know hangs heavily in the air.

Behind the Scenes

“Tracking Thabo Bester” features interviews by GroundUp journalists Marecia Damons and Daniel Steyn. Their probing questions reveal layers of complexity. We hear from prisoners and prison warders at the Mangaung Correctional Centre—the very place where Bester’s fate took a dark turn. And then there’s Katlego Bereng Mpholo, whose burnt body was discovered in Cell 35—the same cell Bester once occupied.




The Waiting Game

As the premiere date approaches (March 15), the nation holds its breath. Bester and Magudumana, arrested in Tanzania last year, await their fate. The pre-trial conference looms, promising further revelations. The public, hungry for answers, will tune in, hoping for justice and closure.


“Tracking Thabo Bester” isn’t just a docu-series; it’s a mirror reflecting society’s underbelly. Showmax and Multichoice stand firm, defending the right to tell this story. As viewers, we must engage thoughtfully, recognizing the delicate balance between transparency and privacy. Thabo Bester’s tale is a cautionary one—a reminder that truth, however uncomfortable, must find its way into the light.

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