FACT CHECK: Did Reba Quit The Voice?

Reba McEntire Sets the Record Straight: She’s Not Leaving “The Voice”



The world of reality television is no stranger to rumors and speculation, especially when it comes to beloved shows like The Voice. Recently, country music icon Reba McEntire found herself at the center of swirling gossip regarding her future on the hit NBC singing competition. As fans eagerly awaited the show’s 25th season, whispers of Reba’s departure began to circulate. But fear not, Reba fans—she’s here to stay.

The Rumors

In the ever-churning rumor mill, whispers of Reba McEntire bidding farewell to her big red chair on The Voice gained traction. Speculation about behind-the-scenes tensions and dissatisfaction fueled the fire. However, Reba decided to address the noise head-on and set the record straight.

Reba McEntire’s statements have put an end to the uncertainty surrounding her future on “The Voice.” By asserting that she is not leaving the series, she has reassured fans and viewers that they can continue to enjoy her presence as a coach on the show. Her clarification serves as a testament to the importance of verifying information

Reba’s Social Media Response

Taking to social media, Reba posted a screenshot of an article claiming her departure from the show. In bold red letters, she wrote the word “false” across the image. Her message was clear: she’s not leaving The Voice. But what prompted these rumors in the first place?

Reba’s Journey on The Voice

Reba McEntire joined The Voice as a coach in May 2023, stepping into the shoes of the departing Blake Shelton. Prior to her coaching role, she had appeared on the show as both a Mega Mentor and a Battle Advisor. Her dynamic presence and wealth of experience made her a valuable addition to the panel of judges.

The Gwen Stefani Connection

During her time on the show, Reba formed a close bond with fellow judge Gwen Stefani. Initially finding Gwen intimidating, Reba soon realized that Gwen simply wanted her approval. Their camaraderie and mutual respect added a unique dynamic to the coaching team.

The Vague “Yet”

In October, during a charity event, Reba addressed the rumors about her potential departure. When asked if she was leaving the show, she replied, “Well, not right yet. We’re not through.” While her response seemed positive, the vague “yet” left room for speculation.

The Bottom Line

As the new season of The Voice kicks off, Reba McEntire remains firmly in her coaching seat. Her commitment to the show, the contestants, and the crew is unwavering. So, fans can breathe a sigh of relief—Reba isn’t going anywhere.


Reality TV thrives on drama, both on and off the screen. But sometimes, the truth is simpler than the rumors suggest. Reba McEntire’s message is crystal clear: she’s not leaving The Voice, and viewers can continue to enjoy her expertise, wit, and passion for music.

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