Latest Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate on Monday, 4th September 2023

Official Rate:

  • £1 pound to Naira = ₦1173/£1

Black Market Rate in Lagos:

  • Buying Rate for £1 pound = ₦1162
  • Selling Rate for £1 pound = ₦1173

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Rate:

  • According to CBN data, the official exchange rate between the Naira and the British Pound opened at ₦1173/£1 on Monday, 4th September 2023.

Bureau De Change (BDC) Rate:

  • The provided information did not specify the rate at Bureau De Change (BDC).

Please note that exchange rates can fluctuate throughout the day, and it’s advisable to check with official sources or financial institutions for the most up-to-date and accurate rates if you plan to exchange currency or engage in financial transactions involving the British Pound and the Naira.

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