Where Is Marilyn Mosby Working Now?

Long before the George Floyd case, Black history was marred by the rioting in Baltimore in 2015. After being taken into police custody, 25-year-old Freddie Grey was discovered deceased a few days after his arrest. Before the defenceless man passed away, he was unconscious for seven days.

To protest police abuse, people went to the streets. Six police officers were charged for Gray’s death within ten days.


A single state’s attorney from Baltimore stayed firm amid the cops’ one-by-one acquittals. Though all charges against the six cops were dismissed at the end of the trial, Marilyn Mosby’s name was respected for her courageous battle against the system.

However, due to fraud, the same name is currently being closely examined.

Marilyn Mosby was convicted on November 9, 2023, of two counts of perjury for taking money out of her limited city retirement account and using it to purchase “vacation homes in Florida worth $1 million” during the epidemic. Additionally, she is charged with separate mortgage fraud. If found guilty of perjury, Ms. Mosby may spend a maximum of five years behind bars.

Although Mosby is a resident of Reservoir Hill, West Baltimore, the defence requested that the trial be held in Greenbelt.

Marilyn Mosby: Why Was She Charged?

Marilyn Mosby, a former state attorney for Baltimore, also runs a private travel company. She works as a managing partner at Mahogany Elite Enterprise, LLC, according to her Instagram bio.

Mosby asserted that her company suffered during the epidemic, when other companies were drowning in debt.

Federal prosecutors opened an inquiry into Mosby’s business accounts, finances, and compensation on March 19, 2021. According to the investigation’s findings, Mosby took over $90,000 from Baltimore’s deferred compensation plan without authorization under the CAREs Act.

She said at the time that her firm was failing and that she needed a loan. Her official records, however, show that she was paid $250,000 for that year.

In 2022, Mosby angrily refuted every accusation.

After more investigation, Mosby was found to have spent $1 million on a condominium in Long Boat Key, Florida, and an opulent property in Kissimmee, Florida. It was implied by the prosecution that she spent city funds for personal expenses.

In addition, Ms. Mosby was charged with mortgage fraud and misrepresenting her loan applications.

Marilyn Mosby: Where Is She Now?

The pre-trial hearing for Mosby’s accusations of perjury got underway in January of this year. During the pre-trial proceedings, the defence team suffered a serious setback and was also subjected to a gag order that forbade them from discussing the matter with the media.

Additionally, the defence asked for the trial to be moved from Baltimore, the original home of Ms. Mosby, to Greenbelt. Prior to the main hearings, the judge had denied this request; nevertheless, the motion to transfer the trial to Greenbelt was approved.

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