Where Are Lindsay Banerjee And Christian Banerjee? Steve Banerjee Kids And Wife Irene

Lindsay and Christian Banerjee, the children of Steve and Irene Banerjee, have been involved in different paths following the tumultuous history of their family.

Christian Banerjee, now 31 years old, has embraced a career in stripping, not merely as a job but as a spiritual calling, aiming to continue his father’s legacy through his company “Strippendales”

Despite the controversial past of his late father, Christian sees stripping as a way to connect with him and carry on his vision internationally

On the other hand, Lindsay Banerjee, the eldest daughter of Steve and Irene Banerjee, has pursued a different path. Born in 1985, Lindsay spent her early years surrounded by luxury in Playa del Rey, California. She later enrolled at the University of California-Santa Barbara and graduated in 2007. Lindsay also played a role as a co-producer for a video related to her father’s business.

The name Steve Banerjee resonates with both fame and infamy. As the founder of the iconic male strip club Chippendales, he revolutionized the entertainment industry. But behind the glittering facade lay a dark tale of ambition, betrayal, and tragedy. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the lives of the Banerjee family, exploring the whereabouts of Steve’s wife, Irene, and their children, Lindsay and Christian.

Steve Banerjee: The Rise and Fall

The Birth of Chippendales

In 1979, Steve Banerjee, along with Bruce Nahin, birthed Chippendales in Los Angeles. It was the world’s first male strip club, captivating audiences with its tantalizing performances. The club’s success skyrocketed, drawing women from all walks of life.

The Deal with Nick De Noia

Banerjee’s partnership with Nick De Noia, who helped produce and choreograph the show, was pivotal. De Noia secured a club for Chippendales in New York City, and the touring show became a sensation. However, their partnership was sealed with a napkin agreement, leading to De Noia receiving 50% of the touring profits. This arrangement would later sow the seeds of betrayal.

The Murder of Nick De Noia

In 1987, Banerjee’s frustration with De Noia’s success reached a boiling point. He hired Ray Colon, a former police officer, to murder De Noia. The hitman, Gilberto Rivera Lopez, carried out the killing, and De Noia was shot dead in his Manhattan office. Banerjee managed to evade suspicion until 1993 when he was arrested for plotting to kill other former Chippendales dancers.

Irene Banerjee: A Tragic End

Irene’s Battle with Breast Cancer

Steve Banerjee’s wife, Irene, stood by him during Chippendales’ meteoric rise. Sadly, her life took a tragic turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Irene lost her battle in 2001. Her passing orphaned their two children, Lindsay and Christian.

Christian Banerjee: Dancing in His Father’s Shadow

Christian Banerjee, now 30 years old, dances in honor of his father’s legacy. He has publicly spoken about his father, sharing how the weight of that legacy influences him. Christian witnessed his mother’s struggle firsthand, watching her lose her hair during chemotherapy until her eventual passing.

Lindsay Banerjee: A Senior Sales Account Executive

Lindsay’s Journey

Lindsay Banerjee, the daughter of Steve and Irene, embarked on her own path. She returned to her home state, enrolling at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2003. In 2007, she graduated, setting the stage for her professional journey.


Steve Banerjee, the founder of Chippendales, was involved in a dark chapter of arson, FBI informants, and murder before his tragic end. He plotted murders within the Chippendales world and eventually pleaded guilty to racketeering and murder before taking his own life in 1994

After Steve’s death, Irene inherited Chippendales but sold the brand for $2.5 million before passing away from breast cancer in 2001

The Banerjee family’s story is intertwined with the rise and fall of Chippendales, showcasing a complex legacy marked by success, crime, tragedy, and reinvention through the endeavors of Lindsay and Christian Banerjee

The Present Day

Lindsay currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri, where she serves as a Senior Sales Account Executive for the fashion company UGG. Her life has taken her far from the glitz of Chippendales, but the legacy of her parents continues to shape her choices.


The Banerjee family saga is one of triumph, tragedy, and resilience. Steve Banerjee’s vision transformed the entertainment landscape, but it came at a steep cost. Irene’s battle with cancer and the subsequent loss of Lindsay and Christian’s mother left indelible marks. Today, Christian dances to honor his father, while Lindsay thrives in the fashion industry. Their stories remind us that behind every glittering stage lies a complex human narrative.

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