Did Royal Lahaina hotel burn down?

In the wake of the destructive forces of Hurricane Dora, Lahaina, a serene seaside town, found itself in the path of an unforgiving wildfire. This article explores the catastrophic events that unfolded, the resilience of the beloved Royal Lahaina Hotel, and the reassuring messages from social media amid the chaos.

The Unleashing of Hurricane Dora

The fires that swept through Lahaina in recent times were not solely the work of nature. Hurricane Dora, with her powerful winds, played a pivotal role in accelerating the spread of the flames. As Lahaina faced this dual onslaught of hurricane and wildfire, the results were devastating.

Lahaina: A Town in Ruins

The seaside town of Lahaina, once a postcard-perfect destination, now lies in ruins. The flames, fueled by Hurricane Dora’s wrath, left a trail of destruction in their wake. The loss of lives and property has left the community reeling, and the road to recovery will be long and challenging.

Social Media’s Ray of Hope

Amid the chaos and despair, social media emerged as a beacon of hope. Numerous users took to various platforms to share updates about the situation. The most heartening revelation was regarding the fate of the beloved Royal Lahaina Hotel.

Royal Lahaina Hotel: A Testament to Survival

Despite the ominous name that suggests a connection to Lahaina’s center, the Royal Lahaina Hotel is located in Kaanapali, approximately 3.6 miles from Lahaina. This distance proved to be a crucial factor in its survival.

Messages of Reassurance

The Maui 24/7 Facebook page became a hub of information, providing valuable insights into the wildfire’s progress. It was here that many learned that the fire had not spread beyond the Lahaina Civic Center, sparing the resort from destruction.




A Reassuring Confirmation

One individual took it upon themselves to seek confirmation from the hotel owner. Leaving a message on one of the hotel’s Facebook pages, they received the much-needed reassurance: “The Royal Lahaina is well out of the path of the fires, and all property, guests, and associates are safe.”

Did Royal Lahaina Hotel Burn Down?

Contrary to initial fears and rumors, the Royal Lahaina Hotel emerged from the ordeal unscathed. It did not suffer any damage as a result of the flames that ravaged some portions of Lahaina.


The fires fueled by Hurricane Dora’s fury brought devastation to Lahaina, but amid the ashes and chaos, tales of survival and hope emerged. The Royal Lahaina Hotel stands as a symbol of resilience, and the support and solidarity of the community shine as bright as ever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What caused the fires in Lahaina, and why were they so destructive? The fires were accelerated by Hurricane Dora’s powerful winds, making them especially devastating.
  2. Is Lahaina completely destroyed, or are there areas that survived the fires? While Lahaina suffered extensive damage, not all areas were completely destroyed.
  3. How far is the Royal Lahaina Hotel from Lahaina’s center, and why did this distance matter? The hotel is approximately 3.6 miles from Lahaina, which played a crucial role in its survival.
  4. Were there any casualties at the Royal Lahaina Hotel during the wildfire? Thankfully, there were no casualties at the Royal Lahaina Hotel, and all guests and associates remained safe.
  5. What steps are being taken to aid Lahaina’s recovery after this disaster? Various relief efforts and support initiatives are in place to help Lahaina and its community rebuild and recover.

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