Meaning of “Fear of Heights” Lyrics by Drake: Is The Song About Rihanna?

“Fear of Heights” composed by Drake talks about his perspective on relationships, braggadocio about his wealth, and reflections on past connections. Throughout the song, Drake alternates between expressing disinterest in rekindling past relationships and demonstrating a cavalier attitude towards his exes and other relationships.

He also embeds boastful remarks about his financial status and luxurious lifestyle, occasionally using these aspects to compare himself favorably against others. Moreover, a recurring theme is the portrayal of his interactions with women and his nonchalant attitude towards commitment and emotional attachment. The lyrics are laden with metaphorical language and references that embellish his experiences and thoughts in a poetic manner.

Drake’s latest album, “For All The Dogs,” dropped on October 6, 2023, creating ripples in the music industry. However, amidst the beats and verses lies a revelation—the rapper plans to take a hiatus to prioritize his health. The burning question that echoes among fans: Are the “Fear of Heights” lyrics a cryptic ode to his famous ex?

Drake’s Musical Hiatus: A Deep Dive

Background of the Decision

Drake, in a candid moment on SiriusXM’s Table For One, disclosed his intention to step back from music. Citing health concerns, particularly related to persistent stomach issues, he emphasized the need to prioritize well-being. The hiatus is projected to last a substantial period, perhaps a year or more.

Fans’ Mixed Reactions

While fans absorb the news of a potential music drought, emotions vary. Some express concern for Drake’s health, while others anticipate the void his absence will create in the music scene.

“Fear of Heights” Lyrics: Unraveling the Connection

A Diss to an Ex-Lover

The lyrics of “Fear of Heights” open with a distinct tone, suggesting a diss to a former flame. The question arises—could this be aimed at Rihanna, Drake’s renowned ex-lover?

Analyzing the Verses

In the first verse, Drake dismisses the notion of lingering feelings with the lines, “Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you? / That could never be.” The use of “Gyal,” a term common in Rihanna’s Barbadian roots, fuels speculation.

Intertextuality with Rihanna’s Albums

Drake cleverly weaves references to Rihanna’s work, mentioning both “Anti” and “Sex With Me.” The use of “Anti” resembling “Auntie” and connecting to Rihanna’s 2016 album adds layers to the narrative.

Fan Backlash: A Social Media Frenzy

The diss didn’t go unnoticed, triggering a wave of reactions on social media platforms. Fans express disappointment, with some asserting that Drake’s move to diss Rihanna after six years reflects lingering pain.

A Look Back: Drake and Rihanna’s Timeline

The Genesis in 2009

The Drake-Rihanna saga began in 2009, marked by eyebrow-raising moments over the years.

The Unfollow Drama

After Rihanna’s announcement of pregnancy with A$AP Rocky, Drake unfollowed her on social media. However, he maintained his connection with A$AP, showcasing a nuanced relationship dynamic.

Hope Amidst Closure

Despite the romantic chapter closing, Drake holds optimism for a playdate between Rihanna and A$AP’s child and his own son, Adonis.

Drake “Fear Of Heights” Lyrics

Here are Drake “Fear of Heights” lyrics.

Ayy, ayy, look
Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?
That could never be
Gyal can’t ruin me
Better him than me
Better it’s not me
I’m anti, I’m anti
Yeah, and the sex was average with you
Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you
Okay, I’m auntie like your daddy sister
Auntie like a family picture
And I had way badder bitches than you, TBH
Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you
Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antilles

Let me stop
You know what? Fuck it, let me go

[Part II]

What? Ayy, what? Ayy, what? Ayy
Girl, you make me wanna cuff you like thе law, huh
Girl, you make me wanna work you like thе job, ayy
I know you a cat, but can your pussy do the dog?

Let’s go pound for pound, I’m in Europe
Chrome Heart Culli’, I had it imported
Got in my feelings, I had to record it
I never met a bitch that wasn’t for it
Don’t pay for pussy, I tip for the service
Let’s keep it frank, I just got dessert
I’m in the G-Wagon Maybach
Just like some currency, baby, they had to convert it
I heard your bank account is on stuck
How can you keep it buck if you ain’t got no bucks?
How can you keep it a hundred if you ain’t got hundreds around ’cause you stackin’ ’em up?
You niggas some pussy, for real
You niggas some sissy, for real
Virginia, I pull up and chill
You know you can’t come where I stay
‘Fore you get caught on a date
‘Fore you get put on a plate, ah
‘Fore you get slid on like skates
‘Fore I get turned up like bass
I know that look on they face
Don’t tell me your scared of Lil’ Drake
Don’t tell me your scared of Lil’ Aubrey
My niggas is crazy, Wallahi
Don’t even know how we escape
The chain on her neck is a A
And she got a lot that she need
So she gotta drop to her knees
Then she can go shoppin’ for free
I got up with a opp at the mall
That nigga was coppin’ a plea
Out the country, I link with OZ
Spendin’ money ain’t foreign to me
You don’t do that shit more than me
You don’t do this shit more than me
He might take you on trips and he might have some hits
But, baby, not more than me
He might be at the trap and order some ones
But ain’t throwin’ more than me

What? Ayy, what? Ayy, what? Ayy
Girl, you make me wanna cuff you like the law, huh
Girl, you make me wanna work you like the job, ayy
I know you a cat, but can your pussy do the dog?

“Fear of Heights” Lyrics: Verse Breakdown

Introducing the First Verse

The opening lines set the tone, challenging any notion of emotional entanglement: “Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you? / That could never be.”

Use of “Anti” and Rihanna’s Album Titles

Drake intertwines Rihanna’s album titles, playing with the pronunciation of “Anti” resembling “Auntie.” References to “Sex With Me” add a layer of personal history.

Backlash and Fan Critique

Social media becomes a battleground as fans criticize Drake’s choice to diss Rihanna. The responses, ranging from disappointment to questioning Drake’s actions, highlight the sensitivity of celebrity relationships.

“Fear of Heights” Part II: A Shift in Tone

Changing Melody: The Chorus

Drake takes a turn in Part II, exploring themes of attraction and desire. The chorus introduces a different vibe, hinting at the complexities of romantic inclinations.

Pound for Pound: Exploring Desires

The lyrics delve into Drake’s desires, drawing imagery of a competitive yet enticing scenario. The references to luxury and indulgence add a layer of opulence to the narrative.

Conclusion: Navigating Drake’s Musical Odyssey

As “For All The Dogs” marks a potential musical farewell, “Fear of Heights” stands as a lyrical testament to Drake’s complex emotional landscape. The diss to Rihanna adds intrigue, sparking discussions and debates among fans.

FAQs: Addressing Curiosities

1. What prompted Drake’s decision to take a hiatus?

Drake cites persistent stomach issues as the primary reason for his hiatus, emphasizing the need to prioritize his health.

2. Is the diss in “Fear of Heights” directed at Rihanna?

While not explicitly confirmed, the lyrics contain references to Rihanna’s work and past, fueling speculation about the intended target.

3. How did fans react to the diss?

Social media witnessed a mix of disappointment and critique, with fans expressing varied emotions about Drake’s choice to diss Rihanna.

4. What is the history of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship?

The duo was first linked in 2009, with a timeline marked by public moments and eventual closure. Despite the romantic chapter ending, Drake maintains hope for a friendly future.

5. What is the significance of the title “For All The Dogs”?

The album title, “For All The Dogs,” hints at a thematic exploration of relationships and experiences, adding depth to Drake’s musical legacy.



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