Chicago Rapper FBG Duck Shooting Video Explained


In the heart of Chicago’s opulent Gold Coast neighborhood, a sequence of events unfolded that seemed more akin to a Hollywood script than reality. Nearly four years after the fact, a video purporting to show the tragic demise of drill rapper FBG Duck, born Carlton Weekly, has surfaced, stirring the pot of public opinion and reigniting a conversation about the interplay of fame, rivalry, and street justice.

On that fateful day, August 4, 2020, the air in the Gold Coast was thick with more than just summer heat; it bore the weight of impending tragedy as FBG Duck was gunned down, a moment now encapsulated in a murky, much-debated video clip.

The Controversial Video

The video, devoid of sound but rife with implications, dropped like a bombshell on the X account No Jumper, pulling back the curtain on a scene that many had tried to piece together through words and whispers.





But as the dust settles and the frames flicker by, one has to wonder: does this video hold the truth, or is it just another layer of obscurity in a case shrouded in urban myth and street lore? The question on everyone’s lips: Did the video really capture the infamous shooting of FBG Duck?

The Tragic Day


On August 4, 2024, Carlton Weekly, aka FBG Duck, could be seen with his girlfriend in the CCTV footage. The rapper was spotted outside the luxury clothing store Dolce & Gabbana. Within a few moments, the 26-year-old rapper tries to escape as six men clad in black hoodies are seen opening fire on him. Mr. Weekly finally succumbs to the grave injuries, while his girlfriend and another man are also wounded. The six men could be seen fleeing the scene.

A Closer Analysis

As the digital world dissected every pixel of the video, a few stood out as vocal spectators. One such commenter, LakeShowSolo, pointed out the peril in FBG Duck’s solitude moments before the ambush, noting the rapper’s extensive list of adversaries.

This observation begs the question: was this a calculated risk or a tragic oversight? In the internet’s echo chamber, opinions clash, and theories abound, but the stark reality of the incident can’t be overshadowed by digital noise.

The Broader Narrative

The Chicago Sun-Times shed light on a broader narrative, linking the shooting to a bitter gang feud—a turf war between Duck’s Tookaville Gangster Disciples and the O Block faction of the Black Disciples. Six gang members are convicted of murder and in the aid of racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder, including the infamous shooting of FBG Duck.






As the legal system grapples with the aftermath, the video remains a haunting testament to the violence that plagues certain neighborhoods. FBG Duck’s legacy lives on, not only through his music but also through the chilling footage that captured his final moments. The streets of Chicago continue to tell their stories, and FBG Duck’s name is etched into their tragic history.


In a time when everything can be recorded and examined, what effects does the widespread availability of such graphic material have on society as a whole and the quest for justice?

Undoubtedly, the use of CCTV footage has helped the investigations lead to favorable verdicts. However, do you believe that releasing these videos online disrespects the victims’ families?

As we remember the young life taken too soon, please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below.

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