Bonko Khoza gains freedom to portray serial killer on ‘Red Ink’

In Red Ink, the multi-award winning actor Bonko Khoza returns to the small screen as a convicted serial killer.

Starring as Napoleon Dingiswayo, also known as The Butcher, Khoza claims he had to make decisions regarding his weight and lost roughly 15 kg.

Napoleon, a rapist and serial killer who was convicted, killed a great number of people back in 2010. He has severed the heads of numerous women and killed them.

“I hope the humanity I’ve attempted to envelop him in resonates with viewers. Khoza remarked, “He is gullible, vulnerable, and capable of love and compassion.

Khoza claimed that in order to stand out from the people in South Africa, he prepared something special for his audition.

According to him, “being true to the book and the existing text is really important when it comes to doing justice to an adapted character because books have followings and people who have read them.”

The ability to understand the character freely
He was given the latitude to interpret the character and produce something unique by author Angela Makholwa-Moabelo.

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Most of the time, we would just laugh and chat. I hope we’ve gotten along and become friends. She is not only a phenomenal writer but also an incredibly kind person.

“To be honest, we didn’t really talk about the story; the book had all I needed.”

Khoza reveals that he watched all six seasons of I Am A Killer to prepare for the role of a serial killer, and that this helped him psychologically.


“When we started creating things that are unique to him, the facial and neck twitches, I had to get used to that and timing those in the performance.


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Comfortable playing a killer

One of the most challenging things about his character was when people would wonder how he was so comfortable playing a serial killer.


“For some people, even crew members, it got too real, and I just wonder what they think of me.”

He was able to leave Napoleon behind at work each day by packing the character away and bringing him out when he needed to because he was so far from him.

“Me and Napoleon are worlds apart. Napoleon is easy; you put on overalls and some glasses. You switch on the things you switch on.

“But my life at the moment is so hectic that it was hard to switch Bonko away from work. I’ve just had a kid, and I just moved houses, so I have a lot on my mind.

“It’s just exhaustion, something I can’t run away from.”


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