Top 5 Africa’s Best Selling Artistes 2024

The list of Africa’s best-selling artistes is a testament to the continent’s rich and diverse music industry. Here are some insights into the top artistes and their achievements:

Cheb Khaled 🇩🇿 – 81 million


Cheb Khaled, an Algerian artist, has made a significant impact on the music scene, with an impressive 81 million in sales.

Wizkid 🇳🇬 – 55 million


Wizkid, a Nigerian artist, has gained international recognition and is one of the best-selling African artistes, with 55 million in sales. He is also the most popular African artiste in the USA, with 15.5 million sales.

Amr Diab 🇪🇬 – 50 million


Amr Diab, an Egyptian artist, has achieved great success in the music industry, with 50 million in sales.

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Tamer Hosny 🇪🇬 – 40 million+


Tamer Hosny and Sherine, both Egyptian artists, have made significant contributions to the music industry, with over 40 million in sales each.

Burna Boy 🇳🇬 – 35 million


Burna Boy, a Nigerian artist, has made a mark in the music world, with 35 million in sales

Rema 🇳🇬 – 25 million


Rema, another Nigerian artist, has also achieved impressive sales, with 25 million in his name.

These artistes represent the diversity and talent that the African music industry has to offer. Their contributions have not only entertained millions but have also helped put African music on the global map

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