Police Refuses To Present Abba Kyari’s Case To PSC for Review

The case of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Abba Kyari has been a subject of controversy and intrigue since his implication in a high-profile scandal in July 2021. However, despite the gravity of the allegations against him, the Police Service Commission (PSC) has not yet received the case from the police authorities, putting any further steps on hold. Let’s delve into the details of this unfolding saga and the implications it holds.

The Allegations

The controversy surrounding Abba Kyari began when he was implicated by Hushpuppi, also known as Raman Abbas, a notorious figure involved in fraudulent activities. Hushpuppi and his group were apprehended by Dubai Police in June 2020 and extradited to the United States for prosecution by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to FBI Special Agent Andrew Innocenti, Hushpuppi implicated Kyari in connection with a co-conspirator’s $1.1 million fraud against a Qatari businessman.

The Unfolding Process

Following the allegations, the former Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, initiated an internal review of Kyari’s involvement. In August 2021, Baba recommended Kyari’s immediate suspension. Subsequently, in January 2022, the Police Service Commission launched a fresh investigation into Kyari’s alleged activities. This investigation was followed by further inquiries in February of the same year.

The Wanted Notice and Apprehension

The situation escalated on February 14, 2022, when the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) issued a wanted notice for Kyari, accusing him of being part of a drug cartel operating the Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria illicit drug pipeline. On the same day, Kyari, along with four others, was apprehended by the police and subsequently handed over to the NDLEA for prosecution.

The Current Standstill

Despite the serious allegations and ongoing investigations, Austin Braimoh, the media representative on the PSC board, revealed that the case has not yet been submitted to the commission by the police authorities. As a result, the PSC has not been able to move forward with any actions or reviews related to Kyari’s alleged involvement in the criminal activities.

The Call for Formal Submission

Braimoh emphasized that for the commission to take any actions or decisions regarding Kyari’s case, the specifics of his alleged involvement need to be formally submitted. He highlighted that the commission is currently in the dark about the details of Kyari’s role in the alleged crimes. Braimoh stated, “Details of his involvement in the alleged crime ought to be before the commission for the commission to act on the areas he breached professional ethics while the court handles the criminal aspects.”

Awaited Response

Efforts to gather a response from Force spokesperson Muyiwa Adejobi regarding the matter were met with silence, as calls and text messages went unanswered at the time of filing the report. As the situation unfolds, the fate of Abba Kyari and the outcome of the investigations remain uncertain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Abba Kyari? Abba Kyari is a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) who became embroiled in a controversy following his implication in a high-profile scandal.
  2. What were the allegations against Abba Kyari? Abba Kyari was implicated in fraudulent activities by Hushpuppi, also known as Raman Abbas, involving a co-conspirator’s $1.1 million fraud against a Qatari businessman.
  3. What actions were taken against Abba Kyari? The former Inspector General of Police recommended Kyari’s immediate suspension, and subsequent investigations were launched by the Police Service Commission and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
  4. Why has the Police Service Commission not taken action? The case has not been formally submitted to the Police Service Commission, preventing them from taking further actions or reviews related to Kyari’s alleged involvement.
  5. What is the current status of the investigations? The fate of Abba Kyari and the outcome of the investigations remain uncertain as the case unfolds and the commission awaits formal submission of details.

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